Business Management with a broad perspective and industry expertise

Hasbo Consulting prioritizes delivering excellent customer service

We believe that achieving excellent customer service is ensured by ensuring the right match between the client, the consultant, and us. Therefore, we focus on dialogue and collaboration to properly define the task and align it with the consultant’s skills.

Our philosophy is that all pieces must fit together so that all involved parties have a positive experience – that is what constitutes excellent customer service!

We do it right

At Hasbo Consulting & Administration, integrity is a fundamental value.

Integrity forms the basis of our interactions with each other and our clients, as well as our presence in the market.

Likewise, integrity is the focal point in our task execution, whether it be in consultancy or administration. Therefore, dialogue is crucial to us – we prefer to engage in too much dialogue rather than too little.



Interim CEO
Assistance to the CEO


Business Plan Development
Business Plan Review


Identify business core competences
Identify profit streams
Identify new opportunities

M & A

M&A Support
Exit plan and preparations


Public authorities, auditor, lawyers
Banks & Financing

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